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Welcome to the offical MiniRacer-Site!

MiniRacer is an OpenGL car racing game, based on ID's famous Quake® engine and the original project which stopped in 2002.

The game runs at this time on several Linux platforms and on win32. It offers some maps and themes, car models, a single player, a multi player and a dedicated server mode. A primitive bot support is integrated too.

We still work on more realistic physics and better sound effects.

MiniRacer is Free Software. The source code is licensed under the terms of the GPL.

Have fun!



MiniRacer 1.04 is out! Take it while it's fresh ;-) With this release we have a fully supported version for Linux.
It fixes many nasty bugs in the graphics engine, especially crashes on ATI hardware. We also have a dedicated server mode now. Most sounds and graphics are replaced. An important thing is that we're now able to build maps, even on Linux: We added some example maps and entities for GtkRadiant to the current release.


We've released a development package containing ports of the map compiling tools and the .car-file viewer. Check our download section.


Because of Tomas' statement about his artwork copyright, we decided beginning to replace all pictures, sounds, cars and maps, step by step.

I can do nothing about the MiniRacer engine being GPL. So anyone is free to use it to do whatever they want. But everything else.. like.. models, sound ,graphics and music.. basically everything but the engine.. is copyright to me.. me and noone else.. If anyone wants to use anything except the engine then that is only possible by contacting me and asking to do so. Im quite sure i will let anyone use whatever they want... IF they ask first..
2003-12-03 Tomas Jakobsson

We've asked, but without getting an answer. Also is his copyright on some textures and sounds disputable.


version 1.04


version 1.03

smoke and skidmarks
finish (unofficial version)

version 1.02

car selection
car selection


You can download the current release of MiniRacer in different binary versions:

The source of MiniRacer is available as:

Mapping tools and sources:

Loki Installer

It contains the game, sources and mapping tools. Just download and run it. You can choice between several installation options.

Debian package

Binaries for debian package management. Install it with

$ dpkg -i miniracer_1.XX-X_i386.deb

RPM package

Binaries for Red Hat package management. We don't have posibility to build and test it on a RPM based system. You probably have to install with

$ rpm --nodeps --force miniracer-1.XX-X.i386.rpm

Perhaps it's better to build the RPM package on your own from source-tarball resp. source-rpm or use our nice Loki Installer.


To compile MiniRacer youself, extract the tarball in a directory of your choice and type:

$ make
$ make install

If you want to build it from source RPM you should know what you have to do.

Mapping tools

Follow the instructions from the installed packages above.

Win32 version

You can still build the Win32 version from source, a project file for Dev-C++ and a Makefile for the mingw32 cross compiler are included in the package.

old versions

A list of all released resources you can get at


If you want to help with the development, feel free to contact us by email:

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